Improve the work environment and productivity of employees.

The best Outdoor Escape Game

Thrilling story, Escape Room riddle, Gps tracking, Augmented Reality, iPad and Action Pack!

The activity aims to escape the work routine and reinforce the importance of teamwork.
The focus of our team building activities is on releasing employees from the stress of
day-to-day through different experiences and dynamics in which their abilities, intellectuals
and physical, are put to the test.

In order for team building activities to have a positive impact on work teams, it is
It is important that these are outlined through a studio about the real objectives.

Motivation helps to increase productivity levels and improve results. Contributors
motivated people are happier, are more likely to develop new business ideas and are more
creatives. Team Building is also an ideal icebreaker for employees who are part of the
team recently. A strategy widely used by companies to motivate and work
the essential skills for the success of work teams!

Powerded with Game Over Escape Room Lisboa

One of our services, requested by companies, is the exclusivity of space. The company can
request the reservation of the entire Game Over space for meetings and briefings without interruptions
other customers. Our space includes a spacious and comfortable Lounge Area, equipped with
Smart TV and Flip Chart.

It is also possible to request a trainer with some years of experience in Team Building Training, who
will previously study the objectives in advance with the client, accompany all the games and perform a de-briefing.

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